The Revolutionary
New Instant Language Assistant

Converse with Anyone, Anytime, in Any language.


Perfect for the Public Sector,
Businesses and Non-Profits


For anyone interacting with others who don’t speak the same language.

  • Connects two people, writing and speaking your conversations in 120 languages and dialects in under 5 seconds!
  • Special feature: Connects with immediate live interpreters 365/24/7 in 300 languages, when needed.
  • Empowers people with disabilities to communicate in English or any language — They can see and/or read your sentences and respond!
  • Lets you increase employees’ productivity, expand your workforce, and make everyday interactions more efficient.


Instant Language Assistant (ILA)
Converse with Anyone, Anywhere, in Any Language.

  • Supports real-time Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Transcription and Translation … in 120 languages and dialects.
  • Cloud-based service, available worldwide.
  • Can connect to ILA using only a web browser to communicate from anywhere.
  • Speak, Spell out loud, Type, or use a Braille Display.
  • Two screens, two mics, two speakers and two external Bluetooth hubs: Users can instantly view and verify their own input.
  • Entire user interface changes to selected language.
  • Can preload phrases for streamlined interactions and business processes.
  • Can use on low-bandwidth and high-error networks.
  • Can connect external Bluetooth devices.
  • Can access a live audio interpreter in 300+ languages to maximize accuracy.
  • Encrypted, Private & HIPAA Compliant.
  • Automatic one-click software updates.
  • Can physically secure using K-lock.
  • Queuing for remote connections.
  • Can change font color, size and background to support low-vision and colorblind users.
  • Can access existing TRS services provided free by the FCC to support deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-disabled people.
  • WiFi or 5g Options.
  • Constantly updates languages and improves accuracy with no need to update software.



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